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Whose Phone is Ringing? (Sam)
Whose Phone is Ringing? (Sam) - KA10521
Phone: 5.5cm(W) x 9cm(H) x 3cm(D)
Soft Head: 6cm(W) x 7cm(H) x 5cm(D)

Whose phone is ringing? Wait a minute, it is not your phone. It's your baby's phone ringing. Let him pick it up himself and listen to your pre-recorded message. He will be amazed!

This new phone has an automatic ringing function. Whenever the flap has been flipped down for 10 sec, it will start to ring automatically. Your baby will be thrilled when he knows that someone is calling him on his phone. His action of flipping the cover to answer the phone will triggered your pre-recorded voice message to be played to his little ears. Oh, mom is calling me. How amazed.


The fundamental senses of seeing, tasting, hearing, smelling & feeling encourage a child's curiosity.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are those smaller actions between the thumb and fingers or using the toes to wriggle and feel the objects.

Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are larger movements involving the arm, leg, or feet muscles or the entire body.


Logical training enables babies to make connections between pieces of information.


Colors, shapes, learning how to draw, getting familiar with music and rhythm, all goes to aid the growth of a child's creativity.


Linguistic Intelligence is the ability to use sound and language for expression and comprehension of others while a child is developing.


A healthy child should be able to control and express his emotion, and interact effectively with others with mutual trust.

Communication Skills

Good communication skills lead a child to perform cooperative tasks and become productive team members.


Self-Esteem is an overall sense of achievement a child feels from the important people around him. Task basis activities could help children to build up a stronger self-esteem with a better judgment about their own worth.


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