Learning Triangle


Message to Parents

Every piece of K's Kids toy is designed for the healthy development of a child.

To help parents understand the benefits of our toy to your child, K's Kids have developed a "Learning Triangle" which summarizes what a child needs in his PHYSICAL, COGNITIVE and SOCIAL developments.

Our Learning Triangle provides parents an easily understandable guideline of what kind of developmental skills a child can get from playing with such a toy. The 9 icons, which represent more detailed developmental areas, will explain to parents the details of each of the developmental benefits.

On each of our K's Kids toy, we have indicated, through Our Learning Triangle, how your child can benefit from the different developmental aspects that our toys provide for him. There are toys with single minded functions, some for multi developmental functions. It depends on the need of different stages.


    The fundamental senses of seeing, tasting, hearing, smelling & feeling encourage a child's curiosity and activate his mind to discover the things around his world. Toys with strong stimuli in this category are tremendously important for the early stages of child development.

Fine Motor Skills

    Fine motor skills are those smaller actions like picking things up between the thumb and finger or using the toes to wriggle or the lips and tongue to taste and feel objects.

Gross Motor Skills

    Gross motor skills are larger movements involving the arm, leg, or feet muscles or the entire body - toys that enhance kicking, crawling, running, and jumping are meant to train a child's gross motor skills.

Logic Intelligence

    Logical training enables babies to make connections between pieces of information. Toys like puzzles and building blocks can strengthen a child's intelligence of logic, sequence, conceptualization, reasoning and problem solving.

Creativity Intelligence

    Creativity is fostered in the early stages of a child's development. Colors, shapes, learning how to draw, getting familiar with music and rhythm, all goes to aid the growth of a child's creativity.

Linguistic Intelligence

    Linguistic Intelligence is the ability to use sound and language to express himself and to understand other people while a child grows up. Toys that enhance sensitivity to the meaning of words, sounds, rhythms and inflections are good for linguistic development.


    A healthy child should be able to control and express his emotion. Feeling being loved and protected develops his sense of security. Toys that can become a child's pal and help him express emotion are very important for a child to learn how to interact effectively with others with mutual trust.

Communication Skills

    Communication Skills is the ability to interact appropriately with others. Good communication skills lead a child to perform cooperative tasks and become productive team members.


    Self-Esteem is an overall sense of achievement a child feels from the important people around him, particularly parents and peers. When a child can complete the task offered by a toy, he feels good of himself. It helps build up a stronger self-esteem with a better judgment about his own worth.